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Thursday, 04 December 2008

CyberSecure Technologies,  Inc. (CST) is an Information Technology (IT) support and services consulting firm based in the New York metropolitan area. We are dedicated to offering the finest in outsourced IT support and on-site consultation for a wide variety of businesses. Our diverse client base ranges from facilities management, real estate, insurance, investment concerns, and trade associations to art dealers, advertising agencies, law practices, health care, and publishing.

We provide all of our clients with a combination of diversified and trusted expertise. Our background and experience allows us to address all of our clients unique IT needs and concerns. Support  can be handled on-site, over the phone, and through the Internet.
Emergencies and urgent problems are not a problem for us!

We specialize
in a variety of business IT areas including:

IT Systems Design and evaluation 
Network topology design and evaluation
General IT maintenance 
Network and Workstation Installation and Maintenance 
Internet Connectivity and Communications (email, SMS, IM) 
Creating and Maintaining client Web presence 
Hands on training for clients and their staff
Data Protection and Network Intrusion Protection 
Corporate, Client, and Customer privacy issues 
Data Preservation from natural disasters 
Preserving the integrity of clients’ data from man-made disasters 
Data and file recovery 
Data, mining, architecture and report structuring 


Brought a New York advertising agency’s main office from out of a virtual Neolithic Age and into the Modern day. By completely reinstalling and redesigning both hardware and software components of our client’s network, and training their office staff, CyberSecure Technologies was able to solve all our client’s  IT headaches on a cost-effective budget! 

Designed and implemented an imaging and archiving system for a major New York City real estate management and sales company. Integrated their natural workflow with state of the art page imaging software, tied an accounting system to online documentation, and provided complete web access.

Relocated a complete office network and communications system for a Manhattan based company.

Designed and implemented a complete satellite office network with full integration between main office applications, databases, and file storage systems for all remote users via VPN, remote desktop, and web.  

Developed Curator’s Data Pro, a major tool for the tracking of art and other collectibles by both professional art curators and collectors themselves. Additionally, CyberSecure Tech recently developed a web based File Maker Pro application and database retrieval system for tracking artwork.

Conducted complete security evaluation of a major corporate client that had previously been the subject of frequent breaches. Installed and configured appropriate combined software and hardware solutions that have blocked all intrusions, eliminated virus infections and cut SPAM and adware by over 60%. 

Trained client’s office staff in the use of Microsoft Office suite using a combination of hands-on classroom instruction and personal instruction. Training solved many major bottlenecks for client and increased efficiency of the whole office.

Contact us today for your no obligation consultation and let us keep your business CyberSecure! 

Phone: 646.775.2808 (office)                                 
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EMERGENCIES, DISASTER AND SHEER PANIC! We can help! We offer a full line of emergency services including immediate on-site intervention, hard disk and data recover, and last minute help in getting that critical project done. We can help with an office melt-down!

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