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Cryptolocker and a variety of other versions of what is now termed “ransomware” are endemic on the web. Basically, these are viruses that lock your computer files until a ransom payment is made. This is occurring more often than you think. The process has been named “cryptoviral extortion,” and usually propagates like a Trojan, opportunistically infecting computers. The threat is designed to extort money in return for “releasing” your computer. The fact is that money can be paid and your computer is still not released. Never pay ransomware extortion!

There are a number of ways to protect against ransomware but the single greatest protection you will have against this threat is a regular, secure, and frequent backup of all your files and your hard disk. If your files get encrypted and you have a safe, clean backup, all you have lost is your most recent work if you are attack.

 Protect Yourself and Your Business:

  • Backups: Any local data that's critical should be frequently and regularly backed up. If you work in the cloud, all major cloud storage services block cryptoviruses payloads from their storage space. Anything stored there should be secure. If you store locally, your antivirus protection will help to protect your documents and data files. Keep alert to the danger of ransomware. A good backup will help expedite any recovery process.
  • Antivirus: Make sure everyone has their up-to-date anti-virus software on and running. You can install or reinstall the anti-virus on any machine that's not protected. It's all under your existing subscription.

Virtualization is not getting email and the web on your phone! It is not being able to sign on AOL, Yahoo, and even that touchstone of the current cyber age Google! It is also not getting text in Timbuktu or tweets from the New York Times in Tomsk. Being connected may be a necessity but it is not virtualization! Virtualization is sitting down in front of any computer and having your workplace available; it is a necessity!

Along with employing some of the more technologically savvy ways to protect yourself when sending and receiving emails, simply practicing better email behavior can go a long way. By being more conscious of your personal email conduct, you can decrease your vulnerability to email scams and malicious attacks. Practicing security-minded emailing also protects your coworkers and employees, in addition to the people in your address book which can make you a better Internet citizen. In this article, we'll cover some basic steps which you can take to become a security-minded emailer.

Regardless of whether you use an email application such as Outlook or Mail, or if you simply point your browser to Gmail or Yahoo to check your email, you should always make sure that you are using a secure connection. A secure connection between your computer and your mail server is one in which your computer is able to recognize that the mail server it is communicating with is indeed the intended server. This connection is verified by use of certificates which a website obtains from a certificate authority as a means of being able to certify to your computer that they are who they say they are.


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